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Chidi's latest book: The Cancer Game is a fascinating in-depth peek at what it feels like to be

diagnosed with a deadly disease like cancer. It explores simple uplifting techniques victims can

utilize to cope with the inevitable fear and complications associated with this new health

epidemic. Chidi has gone through this deadly disease 3 times, yet she is upbeat about life. She

knows an amazing amount about utilizing a variety of healing modalities and has experienced

what it’s like to be on the brink of death but come back fully to life through the miraculous grace

of God.

Discover new dimensions of a miraculous journey through Chidi’s unconventional

treatment escapades in Africa and beyond.The Cancer Game attempts to provide alternatives by

succinctly delving into established norms. Chidi utilized a wealth of pragmatic information from 

a variety of tested and tried tips. She uncovered and realistically presented well arranged basic

concepts of what every victim of this disease needs to consider in order to survive. Learn how

cancer victims can maintain comfortable and dignified life styles while going through the stages of the

of the illness by discarding all fears and staying present in each moment. Explore the healing

powers of fearless faith and not religiosity.


Chidi's book Lifeline is a story of the courageous healing of a terminal and incurable illness

through the workings of divine faith. Lifeline offers many detailed incredible revelations to transform life

and give hope to the sick.


"Lifeline is written from the heart. Chidi Asika-Enahoro writes as if the reader is a personal friend with whom

she is sharing fully not only her journey through her illness, but all the thoughts she went through in the

process. Chidi's love and caring for her family and her belief in and love of God shines throughout her story.

This book is a must read as it will help all of us on our journey through life. As we all have one difficulty or

another, Chidi's journey will help us make our personal journeys. As Chidi can do it, so can we."


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 "As you delve into this magnificent book you will be captivated by one woman’s story of a diagnosis that

would, in most cases, rock someone’s world.  But, instead of being shaken to the core, Chidi had an

immediate sense of peace, and despite feeling physically weak, she had an undeniable emotional strength

that carried her and her family through a most difficult time."

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch.






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 A Call to Youth

This is an easy and complete guide for the youth’s success 

The youth defines the future. High in numbers, fast, ambitious, and smart.,They are empowered with technology and

are globally perceptive as they can easily connect with trends all over the world. However, if not well informed, they

may be exposed to all forms of risks and accidents. With this conviction, Author Chidi Asika-Enahoro devotes a

smart-mouthed book, Hear Me Out, which contains concise, comprehensive, and user-friendly steps for the youth’s

success.  “Slow down, listen to the wisdom of the ages, and enjoy your youth,” Enahoro tells her children. Every

parent wants nothing more than  to see her children succeed in their lives.

Her book, Hear Me Out is an informative, original account addressing most of the basic growing-up problems of

young adults, and presents workable ways to solve them, ensuring they achieve balance and abundant happiness.

These compiled tips for successful living will help the younger generation live more freely as well as make wiser

decisions in all areas of their lives.  

Life works on its own schedules and terms. Hear Me Out promotes healthy and well-rounded lifestyle for the youth

and promises a bright future for everyone.  For more information, log on to,  and

any bookstore.

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Till Cheating Do Us Part is a relationship guide book that succinctly delves into established, yet failing,

marital norms to uncover and realistically present well arranged basic concepts of what every adult needs

to build and maintain a fun loving and stress free relationship. It is an excellent antidote to struggling

marriages and can also be utilized to prevent potential damages to new relationships.

The Author, reaching down to her extensive professional and personal experiences, utilizes a wealth of

pragmatic information from a variety of relationships and marital unions to fabricate a manual of tested

and tried tips to prevent or mend relationships and marriage pitfalls. This is a very informative and thought

- provoking book because traditional marriages are not exactly working out for everyone. It attempts to

provide alternatives to the epidemic of rising divorce rates, domestic violence and the scary incidents of

spousal murders.


“All agree that the failure rate of marriages in the United States today is truly alarming. Chidi Asika-Enahoro

has written a bold book with tough recommendations. I hope this book will be read and discussed widely

because, whether you agree with the solutions or not, if we are ever going to deal with the crisis in marriage,

we must be more proactive. If you are married, thinking about marrying, or simply concerned about the

epidemic of failed marriages, you must read this book”.

 — Anene Ejikeme, Ph.D  
Trinity University, San Antonio


"Marriage is a union dreamed about by more folks than not. The early perception was that marriage lasted

forever; for better or for worse. In today's society, that perception is virtually non-existent. People marry in

passing, on a dare, to correct a problem, or even for fun. A long lasting marriage has become an elusive


But, there is a reason for the perception and what has since become the illusion; the meaning behind the

words. It seems the word 'death' has been replaced with the word 'cheating', as is evidenced by the high

divorce rates. Asika-Enahoro offers her expertise on commitment and marriage.

TILL CHEATING DO US PART is a passionate book, by an experienced psychologist, which centers on

 relationships and marital bliss. The intent is to remove the myth and illusion, and provide a prescriptive

road map to the realities of marriage and bliss. With four broad headings: 'Dynamics of Relationships

and Marriage',  'Seduction by Design', 'Successful Qualities', and 'The End Zone', couples can learn how

to reach their pinnacles. Asika-Enahoro stresses that marriage is complicated, but not more complicated

than life itself, and we do manage to live through life, so why not marriage? This book will help you get it


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A Slice of Africa features a cornucopia of tantalizing recipes to excite your pallettes.  

The dishes will take you on an exotic journey to the heart of West Africa right in your own kitchen. The recipes are

presented in easy to follow formats. This makes it easy to learn how to prepare authentic Nigerian dishes.

The ingredients to use can easily be purchased from regular grocery stores or specialty food stores in most cities.

A Slice of Africa demystifies some of the West African cultural trends and brings their most intimate cooking

traditions to the forefront.











Innocence Interrupted is a sexual molestation survival & prevention guide that is an integrated

guidebook to sexual molestation, with survival tips from the victims' perspectives.

Innocence Interrupted presents a graphic look into the mind of the molested child and explores the

simple techniques sexual predators use to evade justice. Author Chidi Asika-Enahoro examines what

everyone should know about sexual abuse and molestation.





                              INNOCENCE INTERRUPTED


“A powerful book for victims of sexual molestation. Deeply moving and well-researched!”



"A very insightful book for every parent and individual who is concerned about the predatory evil of sexual

molestation in this modern time".

Dr. Emmanuel Junard, president, Get-Well Naturally, Inc.

"Readers will be drawn to Innocence Interrupted because of the brilliant approach of the Author in freeing

the victims of sexual abuse from unwarranted guilt".

 Loretta Mbadugha, PhD, Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana.