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Love and Balance, Inc is a company founded to promote oneness, self-sufficiency and living life in balance. Our mission is to display our diversity as assets and to illuminate our spirituality by helping to heal individuals with emotional problems, or physical ailments and people seeking spiritual uplifting. We provide living skills to assist clients to emancipate themselves.

Love and Balance, Inc (LBI), is set up to bridge the gaps created by today’s lifestyles of stress and multiple health problems. LBI aims to combat these social issues by restoring body and soul to encourage peace and balance within. Our services are positively joyful and combined as seamless innovative mixes of spiritual enlightenment. They captivate and uplift the community as they motivate positive lifestyles.
LBI has established a corporate goal of refining its target market audience in efforts to institute an effective marketing strategy to promote successful habits and equal access to the community at large. It attempts to place the highest emphasis on those prospective clients who are more likely to embrace the services to enhance their spiritual awareness and maximize their chances of living life in balance.
Today’s society is very fierce with a multitude of advantaged individuals who can afford to live the privileged stress-free lifestyle. Because we recognize that everyone’s need is different, LBI works with each client to tailor the services to meet individual needs and requests. We aim to surpass expectation by giving people relevant pragmatic and cutting-edge foundation skills necessary to tackle life.
LBI has the experience, qualifications and flexibility of instituting awesome programming based on local social needs with globally assessed best practices. LBI utilizes its established international contacts and successful records of accomplishment.