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 It has been established that all humans in any particular given life time carry with them loads of baggages from their past lives and experiences. The journey through the current life must have a cornucopia of events that will invariably settle, cancel or alter each individual’s karmic debts.

The purpose of life then becomes to seek the mission of each soul at any given moment in life and strive to achieve emotional and physical equilibrium.
This is no easy task as there is no blue print of instructions on what the actual individual mission is or the directions or recipes that must be followed to accomplish the goal.

Every day, I find the creator of life’s processes more and more intriguing as a character, object or subject. Life is full of ironies and incongruity. How does one accomplish a task successfully without instructions and no time frame? One does not always know when one is on the right track or when the mission has been accomplished. It is obviously a lot of fun to play the guessing game but it becomes cumbersome and utterly confusing, not to mention frustrating on occasion.

The grand master plan as it relates to each individual script is somewhat likened to our individual scripts within our immediate families and is generally interconnected to the main family trees but is yet so separated. We develop the skills for our scripts from the basic knowledge and experiences available in our families. Some contend that prior to our current physical existence; we were in the general free form – unbounded, limitless, infinite and all knowing.

In that boundless state, one would be fully informed of all options; circumstances, decisions and consequences; and would possess the full power, capability and abilities to make informed choices. Being as so stated (in heaven or outer space), we each consciously decided (or were required) to perfect our existence by creating our scripts to capture all the necessary experiences needed to finish and graduate through the circles of life.

To that end, we incarnate into living human beings on our missions. Are we really completely privy to the effects the master plan (if such exist) could have on our personal script? One can argue that we could not be charged to develop such scripts without fore knowledge; lest one’s script is counter productive or contrary to the master plan.

On the other hand, if the actual intention is to put us to test and for us to learn the consequences of digression or transgression; then we would not be privy to the master plan.
Since there must be a basis for the great expectation that one should come up with a worthy plan; one must first have had prior revelation of the truth (the master plan); otherwise it would be an irrational expectation.

Of course, if the expectation is just for one to falter and fail and learn the consequences of various decisions and actions; then this leaves a questionable rationale. What is the real purpose of life? Are we going through these lessons and exercises to become better humans? If the world is just a temporary stage, then what is the point of becoming human at all?

Do we need these lessons to become better souls in the cosmic realm? If that is the case, why can’t we just stay in the free form and learn these lessons?
If it so happens that it is necessary to take a physical form to fully manifest and appreciate these levels of experiences and lessons; then it stands to reason that we do reincarnate in various physical forms, several times over centuries prior to the grand graduation and mastery of the master plan.

In that case, one could not possibly reincarnate in the same particular physical form each time (eg. Man, woman, white, black, Chinese, Indian etc) and achieve all the necessary karmic experiences in totality.
It is easy for one to achieve a level of understanding, emotional transformation, telecommuting, empathy, projection etc on occasion but that can never equate to living the total and complete experience as one person while being in the physical form of another.

In effect, you can never be me; you can only be like me regardless of how close you come. Experiencing one or some of my experiences and feelings will only give you pretty good insights into me; but you can never capture my true essence or all my thoughts, experiences and all my relationships to those experiences.
No experience can be discounted as inconsequential to the big picture because no earthling has the qualifications to make that determination.

When we can, we have then figured life out. Therefore, if you can never be me being you ( or while you are you); then it stands to reason that we have to reincarnate as particular different physical forms to capture all the experiences, feelings and limitations of each specific physical form. The question is how relevant is the physical form? Can one experience all possible human emotions without taking the various human physical appearances?

I guess it is possible to experience a variety of humanness while in a particular physical form but one will still be bounded and limited by that physical form, time, place, gravity etc. Even when one has the powers to transcend certain levels of limitations; one cannot transcend all levels and still remain human. To be human is to be limited and to know all human, you have to be all human in as many life times as it takes. It is not possible to complete the human experience in one life time. 






                                                     ATTITUDES AND CHOICES


It is important to explore different pragmatic approaches to life problems.  We all know there is no one right way to life issues.  We actually do the world a disservice when we are closed-minded or one track minded.

There are as many ways to tackle a problem as there are differences in all of us.  I have my opinions and I recognize that others have theirs, which may sometimes differ from mine.  I find that aspect of life infinitely intriguing.

By sharing our attitudes and differences, we become fully informed, optimally functioning citizens. When we understand why we do the things we do, the way we do them, we learn to respect, admire and accept each other for his or her unique value.

My thinking is that we invariably affect each other's life in this sphere.  If one is happy, one will be a better person to the people in his or her life.  Happiness is infectious, just as our sadness brings everyone around us down.

I strongly believe that the root of all our issues in life is lack of self love. We thrive when someone loves us and when they withdraw that love, intentionally or otherwise, we become melancholic.

We can learn to trust ourselves, have confidence in ourselves and for that; one has to be happy with oneself as one is created. Each one of us is original and unique and has to appreciate and value that fact.

Everyone has to learn to love his or her self for who she/he is. We should spend a lot of quiet times alone to find out who we really are - not who others told us we are.  We must each define ourselves as we feel it, what are we all about? Why are we the way we are? Why do we like the things we like?

We each have to learn to enjoy our own company. Change what we can, adapt to the rest and find out our real purpose in this journey of life.

There are too many confused human beings in the world today.  Life was not even meant to be so hard. We have to find out what really matters in the final analysis. Are we living spiritually fulfilled lives.

Of course, there are different strokes for different folks. Whatever works for you is alright with me. If your life is enriched and joyful, you have nothing to worry about, I would hope that, at the least, you will find my thoughts interesting if not informative.

Nobody can argue with the fact that we need to invest the time in ourselves to discover ourselves.  We have to let go of negative energies that keep us down.  Guilt is a useless emotion. We have to forgive others and especially forgive ourselves.

It is never too late to start having a new attitude to life.  One can only change oneself. It is not going to happen overnight. Change takes time. The first step is a simple determination to change.  It is entirely up to us. No matter what happened in the past, the future will be greater.

When we finally love ourselves, we are set for life because we will never withdraw that self-love from ourselves. We begin to thrive, we radiate love and peace. We consequently attract love and understanding hence, we achieve balance in life.







Life does not always turn out the way we want it to; positive thinking and the Law of Attraction notwithstanding. Disappointments and heartaches abound. Telling someone to make lemonade of the lemons life gave them; does not always help.  What if he hates lemonade, or lacks the water and sugar to complete the recipes.  I am not advocating that one should roll over and die when life deals one a hard blow but let us not be hasty in running with the ball.

Life does not always pan out as planned because we are all here for specific reasons in spite of what our wishes are.  Life always gives us what we need to get to the next level.  Whenever we get what we did not ask for and therefore have no clue what to make of what we got; we ought to come to a complete stop.  Take a step back and seriously analyze what is going on; to decipher how we got to that point of wonderment.

We have many choices in life; but one of them is not giving life back whatever it entrusts us with; be it good or bad.  As we accept the good, so must we accept the bad.  Our whole life is one big puzzle and we get the pieces as we age. There is no cheating; we have to play fair and get what we get when we get it.  This is the great equalizer, regardless of our statuses in life; whether we are royalty, a star or a pauper; we all pay our dues sooner or later in various forms.

Whatever life throws at us, we take it, value it, examine it and analyze it to figure out what piece of our life’s puzzle we just got.  We do not always have to make lemonade with our lemons; life may be gearing us up for a lemon meringue or some exotic cocktail.  Taking a step back may crystallize things and we may actually catch a glimpse of where the map is taking us.  If we can clearly unscramble our puzzle at our vantage point, we go for it.

On the other hand, if we cannot make head or tail of the piece (lemon, luck etc.); it must not be time yet for action.  If it does not fit into our other life’s pieces; we must relax and pray to get the necessary pieces in due time.  We can always learn to have fun or at least cherish every piece of life’s puzzle that we receive.  We have to be alert and innovative to enjoy our journey of discovery. Answers could be staring us in the face; yet we miss it, because we hasten to make lemonade and misuse our resources.

Miscalculations can result in deadly consequences.  We all miscalculate sometimes.  Life is not an exact science that yields expected outcomes all the time.  Problems arise for us in life, when we try to force our pieces to fit into the puzzle we design for ourselves; on the schedules we set for ourselves. This discounts the ordained destiny for this particular journey of our lives.  When it is time, at the right time, we always get the clues that can joyfully blow our minds. We should savor all of life calmly, with much love.



 The Value of Spirituality


Everything is energy. Spirituality is energy. Money has its own energy. Our relationships to things carry their own energies. How does one receive spiritual awakening? What monetary value is appropriate for the experience? Where do we draw the line between giving in gratitude because we can afford to and giving in gratitude when we cannot afford it? What is wrong with availing oneself of early bird specials or discounts and not choosing to pay the higher price? Why offer the option if it creates bad vibration? Isn’t that entrapment?

What are the ethics of volunteerism? Is it better to volunteer in anticipation of heavenly rewards, or is it better to volunteer for work experience than to volunteer for discounts? To me it’s a personal choice and depends on what one is looking for in life. Neither choice is wrong because there is still a gain albeit the first two choices pay more because no amount of discount can compensate for the cost, efforts and time necessary to volunteer effectively. Work experience is very valuable because it can be utilized abundantly while heavenly rewards have no rival.

I’ve been asked these questions at one time or other and have rustled with what is truly a valid answer. Some say that if you have questions about paying for spiritual things, you have issues with money. We all have our priorities and cannot judge what others spend their time and money on, whether they appear frivolous or frugal. Things are not always, what they seem. Some spend what they cannot afford to conform to the ideology that they have no attachment to money, in anticipation of future heavenly abundance. Whatever works for anyone is okay, even in an extreme situation.

Some people are givers while others are takers. Neither one is better than the other is. I am a giver and used to give to a fault. When I was younger and working for the State of Florida, I was the consummate volunteer. I volunteered for everything, spending my own money to travel and do free presentations. I gave to the communities, friends and family to the detriment of my nuclear family. As a Mental Health Counselor, I would counsel family and friends free for hours on end. Some of them would tell me that I ought to charge them but I would wave it off and not charge for my services. When we opened our own business, I would often not charge clients and even give money to clients with financial problems.

My husband, Victor is a business man with an MBA in Marketing and International Business. He indulged me a lot but would sometimes tell me, “you have to be rich to be a Philanthropist, we have bills to pay.” As an Author, I’ve given away more books and services (such as free lectures), than I have sold. So, what is my problem as such a giver? Do I have low self worth? Not in the least. Do I feel that my time and efforts are worthless? No, in fact I value myself very highly, I just enjoy giving. One day, after offering residence to a distraught friend, her happiness and relief were palpable and I was smiling as Ritchie, (my 20 year old son) walked into my room. He asked what was up and I told him: It gives me joy to see others happy. He rolled his eyes as if to say, here she goes again. After explaining what I did, without consulting my family first, he said, “Mommy, who does that, Really? You can’t just go around giving our things away and inviting people to move in with us all Willy Nelly.”

I am currently working on opening yet another business and I was toying with the idea of not charging a fixed fee. I was going to make it a “pay what you want” style. Victor already told me “we are not running a free business, we have bills to pay.” Recently, I read about the Nun Karma and figured out that I must have taken a vow of poverty some lifetime away and must be keeping to that vow by giving and not taking. I realize that I have to take in to be able to give out, otherwise, I am not doing myself, (not to mention my family) a service.

Being a giver is as much a problem as being a taker. Just taking is what landed man where he is today, according to Kabala. In life, there has to be an equitable exchange of energy or one is corrupted. We can start measuring with a simple breathing process; one must breathe in, to be able to release. If I continue sucking in air and not breathing out, I’ll blow my lungs out. If I continue to release air and not breathe in, I will be out of breathe. Either result can be catastrophic.
I have also realized that as much as I may want to be nice and give without asking for anything in return, I am actually doing harm to the receiver by denying them their right to reciprocate according to the universal law of give and take.

Tithe is a form of gratitude donation or contribution. I feel that it should not be tasked and levied with specific amounts. Because, that makes those who do not have enough money feel inferior and less deserving of heavenly abundance. The Catholic Church takes gratitude donations but never set a price and those who cannot afford to give, do not feel ridiculed. The Catholic Church is the richest ministry on record and has more members than other denominations put together. Yes, I am aware they have their problems in other areas; in fact as do other religions.

The ascended Masters and Teachers like Jesus Christ, St, Germaine, Guan Yin, Buddha, Mother Theresa and many more provided their services to humanity free of charge. It could not be the sign of the times because they still had need for incomes for bills. One thing is for sure, they did not live in a lap of luxury. In fact some of them gave away their wealth and worldly goods. Another common denominator is that they were all single without encumbrances and family responsibility. They practiced the ultimate oneness and took everyone as their family without exception.

So, does that mean that one needs to be single and unencumbered to serve the Lord effectively? I guess that’s the idea of the priesthood, nunnery and monasteries. There is no one clear-cut answer on spirituality and life except for the fact that there is one Divine Source. What we each make of it and how we serve that notion is our individual cross to bear.