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PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  Peoples’ Skills for Project Managers, Definition/Focus, Task Schedules/Assignments, Quality Standards, Budgets, Available Resources, Management and Presentation Techniques.


MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Effective Listening, Delegation/Supervisory Skills, Stress & Time Management, Total Quality Management, Decision Making and Conflict Resolution.


EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICES: Motivation/ Incentive Programs, Innovative training, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Phone Etiquettes, Opinion Box, Professional Image and Conduct.


PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: Proper Conduct, Interpersonal Relationship, Management Principles, Sexual Harassment, Role Definition, Grievance Procedures, Business Principles, Proper Attire, Worker’s Compensation, Training, Compensations, Personal Hygiene and Process Improvement.



PROGRAM EVALUATION / FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Setting Goals, Budget, Assessment Styles, Program Research, Data Analysis, Comparative Studies, Variables, Writing Reports, Recommendations, Surveys, Interviews, History, Time Schedule, Case Studies, Man Power and Other Resources.


STRATEGIC PLANNING:  Program Focus, Budgeting, Brainstorming, Planning, Organizing, Cost Analysis, Critical Thinking, Task Assignments, Role Definitions, Supervision, Time Line Schedules, Project Recommendations and Conclusions.


GRANT WRITING / PROGRAM DESIGN: Needs Assessments/Surveys, Basic Office Skills, Feasibility Studies, Budgeting, Time Schedule, Program Research, Data Analysis, Effective Writing Techniques, Marketing Skills and Program Designs.


FUND RAISING: Grant Research, Business Writing, Planning, Organizing Activities, Strategizing, Media Advertisement /Marketing Strategies, Supervising / Management Skills, Public Events and Sponsorships.


CONSULTATION AND CLIENT ADVOCACY SERVICES: Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills, Effective Communication, Problem Analysis, Counseling Skills Conflict Resolution and Handling Difficult Persons.


MEDIATION AND NEGOTIATION SKILLS: Effective Planning, Communication Skills, Counseling Skills, Decision Making, Record Keeping, Stress Management, Handling Difficult People, Games/Counter Ploys, Impasse and Deadlock.


CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Cultural Variations and Similarities, Communication Skills, Cultural Exchange and Interaction Techniques.


EMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS: Stress Management, Time Management, Handling Difficult People, Disability and Employment, Job Analysis, On-the-Job Training, Employee Assistance Program, Incentive Programs, Job Accommodation, Vocational Assessments.


REHABILITATION SERVICES: Life in Balance, Coping with Mental Illness, Social Skills, Dating and Relating, Coping Skills, Individual/Group Counseling Therapy, Meditation Skills, Relaxation Techniques, Drug Counseling and Career Guidance.



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