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Chidi Asika-Enahoro is a Motivational Speaker who gives talks on a variety of topics related to human relations and survival techniques.  Some of her speeches have been on coping with mental illness, depression, sexual molestation issues, African women in diaspora, multiculturalism, women in business, inter-personal relations, rehabilitation issues, growing pains etc.


Chidi presents to small and large groups.  She can design her talks to meet your specific needs.  She is available to schools and non-profit organizations without charge. Chidi has provided many well-received workshops to both state and national executives and board members.  She served on several local and state boards in Florida.  She is well versed in group composition and community psychology.  


Chidi has a Masters degree in Community and Clinical Psychology,  She is a Senior Disability Analyst with a variety of training certificates.  As a graduate of a Finishing School in England, Chidi appreciates the finer qualities of  life and proper conduct.  She plans to one day own and operate a full fledge Finishing School for young men and women.


Youth Services:

Chidi is available to organize and coach the youth in mini workshops.  She feels that Etiquette is a lost art with most of our youth today.  The workshops cover social graces and many issues that affect the youth of today.  The sessions are usually conducted in a round table, open forum style with role-plays with some counseling and guidance.


Chidi is very down-to-earth and easy going, so young and old find her comfortable to talk to and work with.  She gives people her undivided attention, which boosts self-confidence and instills trust.  Her free style encourages full participation.