A renowned marriage counselor with over thirty years of experience under her belt, Chidi

Asika-Enahoro presents a timely, highly-practical gift for people whose romantic

relationships are on the wane.

Till Cheating Do Us Part is a relationship guide book that succinctly delves into established,

yet failing, marital norms to uncover and realistically present well arranged basic concepts

of what every adult needs to build and maintain a fun loving and stress free relationship. It is

an excellent antidote to struggling marriages and can also be utilized to prevent potential

damages to new relationships.

The author, reaching down to her extensive professional and personal experiences, utilizes

a wealth of pragmatic information from a variety of relationships and marital unions to

fabricate a manual of tested and tried tips to prevent or mend relationships and marriage

pitfalls. This is a very informative and thought- provocating book because traditional

marriages are not exactly working out for everyone.

This sterling work speaks to the current social crisis in many families round the world. It

attempts to provide alternatives to the epidemic of rising divorce rates, domestic violence

and the scary incidents of spousal murders.

Another fascinating facet of this volume is its trailblazing alternatives to traditional

marriages, that seem to stifle freedom to the point where some partners feel the need to

cheat, lie and murder their partners as a way out. It offers more pragmatic win- win scenarios

in renewable, well spelled-out contractual agreements; with previously defined and agreed

upon consequences. This is aimed to reduce, if not eliminate quick divorces and spousal

violence or murders.

 Quite simply, Till Cheating Do Us Part serves as a trusty little sidekick for anyone involved in

 a committed relationship.


“This is a passionate, no-nonsense book on relationships and marital bliss by an

experienced Therapist. The message is clear and substantial; improving relationships in a

world of hurt, broken vows and broken homes. It strips off the myth and illusion and

provides a detailed prescriptive guide for the relationship journey and a road map to marital

reality and what it takes to achieve bliss. This is one of the most hard-hitting books on

marriage and relationship, one that provides you with real and usable information, easy and

enjoyable to read as well. This book will help you get it right.”

— Loretta Akosa-Mbadugha, Ph.D
Texas Southern University, Houston


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ISBN13 (TP) : 978-1-4257-7266-6
ISBN13 (HB) : 978-1-4257-7269-7


Chidi Asika-Enahoro is a twenty-year veteran in marriage counseling and therapy. Chidi has

garnered an immense experience as a Relationship Expert, a Rehabilitation Consultant, Author,

Executive Business Planner/Trainer and a Radio Talk Show Host.

Chidi, who has been married for twenty-seven years and has been through ups and downs in her

marital life, has counseled many couples with a variety of problems and was encouraged to write this

book because of the positive results she got from her patients.

She has a Masters degree in Clinical and Community Psychology. She is a certified Sr. Disability

Analyst with a host of varied certificates and currently is enrolled in a Ph. D program.

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